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    Our service: Legal compliance and peace of mind for our partners.


    On this page we present the pricing of our services.

    Accountancy, Taxation


    Starting from 160 EUR / month + 1 EUR / Item

    We prepare not only the reports according to the Hungarian accountancy and tax regulations, but suited to your individual demands, we provide monthly, quarterly or semi-annual financial statements in Hungarian, German or English.

    Payroll calculation

    Starting from 15 EUR / person / month

    Payroll calculation includes the connected social insurance and tax-related administration as well as the reporting obligations.

    Tax and enterprise advising

    Starting from 50 EUR / hour

    Our staff has special experience in matters related to the establishment, valuation, transformation, division, liquidation, bankruptcy of the company, as well as in answering questions related to the banking and financial sector, financial credit matters and, of course, complex tax regulations.
    Of particular importance are strategic accounting support, APEH audits, self-audits, and their advisory services in disputed economic matters and litigation. If special legal expertise is required to adjudicate a case, we will carry the assignment out in cooperation with your attorney.

    Expertise activity

    Judicial auditing activity

    Starting from 80 EUR / hour

    The objective of a judicial expert opinion is to prepare a reliable, authentic expertise in a lawsuit or disputed issue that would help the judges, prosecutors, or the litigant parties in deciding and arranging of their financial and economic issues.
    If special legal expertise is required to adjudicate a case, we will carry the assignment out in cooperation with you, and your attorney.

    Support for transformations and liquidations

    Starting from 800 EUR

    Preparation of the complete accounting documentation for transformations and liquidations for litigation and disclosure, of course with preliminary strategic planning and consulting.

    Auditor and tax expert support (Support)

    We carry out this activity independently, with internal staff, for accounting firms, where the need is felt for a high level of expertise, but do not wish to grant a separate status for this. It includes auditing of accounts, auditing of taxation and professional advice.

    Price: Based on planned time requirements using expert hourly rates.

    Audit support

    For companies that are subject to an audit and find the assistance of a competent auditor, who prepares, assembles, and walks the company through the auditors, thereby relieving the company’s employees of the burden helpful.

    Price: Based on planned time requirements using expert hourly rates.

    Firm valuation

    Determining the book and market value of the companies, using several economic methods simultaneously, which is carried out with the involvement of real estate-, subject-, and agricultural experts, if necessary.

    • Past analysis
    • Asset inventory analysis
    • Cash flow analysis
    • Creditworthiness and liquidity testing
    • Rating
    • Plan Analysis,
    • The application of 3 evaluation methods

    Past analysis reveals and presents past performance results in present value.

    Asset inventory analysis presents in detail the company’s assets and liabilities individually assessed.

    A cash flow analysis is a statement of income and expense in a cash flow approach. It shows the period financing deficits and surpluses.

    Creditworthiness and liquidity testing confronts a business how a bank or a particular credit institution would consider its short- and long-term solvency and to what extent could credit be lent, as well as, which are the assets and liabilities that need to be changed to improve a company’s financial stability.

    Financial analysis and rating calculated from the company’s key financial indicators included in an expert opinion. Borrowing limits, independent cash flow calculation, bankruptcy, over-investment or independent investable cash surplus – illustrated with diagrams. Portfolio and investment analysis sheds light on the risks inherent in the current investment mix.

    The application of 3 evaluation methods is presented in detail and supported by calculations. Provides information on stock market and investor focused valuation.

    Price: Based on planned time requirements using expert hourly rates.

    We give a value expressed in a specific amount of money.

    Our prices don’t include VAT!