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    We do bookkeeping, negotiate and correspond in Hungarian, German and English.

    With our high-quality team of experts and our flexible prices, we aim to reduce your tax burden in accordance with all laws and within all legal boundaries, as well as, serve you as fast as possible. We will send you your business’ monthly income statement so you can take timely steps to plan your tax liability and earnings.

    What should I do if I work 12 hours a day and my company is not in a better position, do I get better?

    Contact us! Our highly professional experts can help you analyze and solve business problems.

    Our staff meet high professional standards day by day.

    All of this in the interest of our Clients to minimize the risk and excitement of tax audits and offer the best solutions for your plans.


    If you work with us you will be relieved

    If you have accounting and taxation with us, you are guaranteed to be liberated because of a major business area.

    The annual accounts are closed with annual tax returns and accounts

    And you may be liberated as the tax accounting and closing work for a fiscal year has ended.



    We work for micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises, municipal companies, associations, foundations, public benefit and non-profit civil and state organizations in the following areas:

    Accountancy, Taxation

    • Accounting
    • Preparation of tax returns
    • Payroll
    • Preparation and accounting of transformation balance sheets and asset inventories
    • Posting of final accounts
    • Professional tax and business consulting
    • Expert activity

    Expertise activity

    • Advice for prospective entrepreneurs
    • Forensic accountancy
    • Support for accountants and tax experts (Support)
    • Audit support
    • Firm valuation
    • Due diligence
    • For acquisition plans: review of taxation and financial accounting processes